Pain Log


Pain Log is a journal app for people with chronic pain that helps them to keep track of their pain level and get a better understanding what increases or decreases their pain over time.

About 20% of the population of Europe is suffering from chronic pain of the level of 5 or more on a scale of 1 (no pain) to 10 (worst imaginable). Those affected often don’t know a cure for the pain and visit one doctor after the other. This app helps affected people in their difficult situation by giving them an instrument keep track of their pain and the therapies they are undergoing. Over time this will provide a better understanding of when pain tends to occur and what helps to reduce it.


This is app concept and numerous prototypes were developed in a one week course on rapid prototyping low-fidelity on paper and high-fidelity with Origami Studio, the goal was to come up with a first high-fidelity prototype very quickly and to iterate quickly to improve micro-interactions and test out different approaches in a short time.

Checkin with instructor
User testing at the street