Water Footprint Graph


Water Footprint Graph allows a rich exploration of the water footprint of continents and countries. The numerous sorting options allow investigations like which continents have a large external outsourced water footprint or which country has the highest water footprint per capita. Additional filters for agriculture, industrial and domestic allow deeper exploration of the areas in which the water is actually spent.

This data visualization can be viewed online.

At the exhibition
The water footprint is a measure of humanity’s appropriation of fresh water in volumes of water consumed and / or polluted. Water Footprint Network
Picture during the presentation
At the exhibition


Starting with the brief to create an interactive data visualization within the UN sustainable development goals, we discovered promising data from the water footprint network which were not visualized and thus hard to read. Inspired by the data we created numerous scenarios and designed this tool with colour coding, filters, sorting and single country selection using the D3.js framework to give a lot of possibilities to explore the data.

Working with D3.js allowed for us to explore different design solutions within code and jump quickly between phases of testing and refinement.

The source code for this data visualization on github.

UI Details